Perfect Produce at Partridges

From September onwards, the Partridges Deli Counter is proud to host a delicious range of hams, pies and ready prepared meals for entertaining family and friends together with hot roast chickens, removed from the ovens and ready to eat throughout the day for your convenience!

Along with these iconic Partridges offerings, select vegetables and produce are now at their most ripe. September is prime time for buying apples, pears and certain cheeses. And should the weather betray us this month with rain, we can seek solace in some of the UK finest mushrooms.

Simultaneously, Partridges will be showcasing many of this year’s Great Taste Food Award winners – keep your eyes open for the iconic logo to easily identify the award winning foods that have warranted the coveted endorsement.


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We are delighted to say Duke of York Square has now re-opened. Our first priority is to provide you with a safe and secure environment so we have reshaped your visitor experience to enable social distancing.

When entering a shop at Duke of York Square, you are required by UK law to wear a face covering from 24 July 2020 until further notice.
Thank you for your cooperation.