Top tips for perfect pancakes from 'The Pancake Man' – Pancake Day – 17th March

Duke of York Square’s Fine Food Market is home to ‘The Pancake Man’ who has shared his top tips for making the perfect pancake at home:

1. If possible, invest in a good cast iron pan, as this distributes the heat evenly and maintains a steady temperature. Use this pan only for pancakes and nothing else (as though we needed an excuse to make them more often).

2. Cook on a medium heat, not too hot, on a pre-greased (preferably butter) pan.

3. Add beurre noisette (melted browned butter) to the mix, just before cooking.

And having tried a few fillings in his time, The Pancake Man says his firm favourites are:

1. Banana and Nutella
2. Fresh Strawberries and white chocolate
3. Morello cherries and whipped cream
4. Baileys, Coconut and Nutella



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