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Summer at the Saatchi

The Saatchi’s summer line-up of exhibitions is not to be missed. Perfect for that rainy August afternoon or to satisfy that culture-craving for those enjoying a stay-cation, Beyond the Road, Sweet Harmony: Rave | Today and BA 2119: Flight of the Future are must-visits this summer.

Saatchi Gallery and Beyond projects are delighted to announce the extension of the ground-breaking immersive experience, Beyond the Road (until 8 September). Merging the worlds of visual arts, music and film, the exhibit offers an opportunity to leave behind modern day lives and lose themselves in a multi-sensory world led by sound, interspersed with works by contemporary artists and filmmakers. Get 50% off tickets with the code “CADOGAN” upon purchase (concession available on weekdays for a limited time only). Book here.

Immerse yourself in rave culture, at Sweet Harmony: Rave | Today (12 July – 14 September) through the retrospective exhibition charting it’s growth through the personal experiences of the movement’s architects and influencers. Explore the 80s and 90s club scene and relive the revolution for only £10 a ticket – book here.

Explore the evolution of flight and discover the projected next century of aviation at BA 2119: Flight of the Future (1-26 August), in partnership with international flight pioneers, British Airways. The main exhibition is free to attend but booking is required for the virtual reality experience, transforming you into a time-travelling pilot – taking you from the earliest imaginings of Leonardo da Vinci and his ornithopter, today’s A350 and onwards to the future of possible aviation. FLY tickets are £20, book yours here.

Image by Ewan Spencer, Girl with Fan.

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