Known Unknowns, Saatchi Gallery 2018


Known Unknowns at Saatchi

The latest major exhibition at Saatchi is coming soon!

From 21 March to 24 June, visit the gallery to see this exciting exhibition featuring the works of 17 contemporary artists born between 1966-1990.

The artists, who include Tom Anholt, Chris Hood, Bedwyr Williams and Isobel Smith, although relatively unknown are admired and respected by their artistic peers and seen as breaking new ground. The group reflects the diversity and breadth of contemporary art in a globalised and digital age and although they don’t present a unifying theme or ideological point of view, they do exemplify why they are worthy of wider exposure.

The exhibition displays paintings and sculptures as well as video and mixed media, with each artwork relating to the visual conditions of contemporary life; the exponential flow of images, the representation of the body in an Internet age and the ethics of viewing versus voyeurism.

This really will be a fascinating display of contemporary artists which cannot be missed.

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We are delighted to welcome you back on Monday, 15 June 2020. In order to provide you with a safe and secure environment, we have reshaped your visitor experience.

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Duke of York Square - Update

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