The Missing Museum at Saatchi

From 22 March to 23 April, see The Missing Museum at Saatchi Gallery; a solo exhibition of works by Pakal which is the alter ego of an established street artist.

The artist presents the vibrant works, paintings and artefacts, which provide an insight into the culture of the Laka tribe who believed creativity was the path to transformation and reinvention. Within the exhibition, the concepts of fact and fiction intertwine and viewers, therefore, question the authenticity and authority of what they see before them. Vivid colours, different materials and subject matter, inspired by the Far East and indigenous art of Central America all add to the intrigue.

By not revealing his/her identity, Pakal uses an alternative means of expression. They deliberately choose not to reveal their gender, nationality or identity which ensures neither artwork nor artist are comparable.

This exciting exhibition is a must see and will encourage you to think creatively and contemplate the role of the museum.


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