Salon 010: Ibrahim El-Salahi: Pain Relief

From 7 June – 18 July, a selection of extraordinary works by Ibrahim El-Salahi, the Sudanese artist, will be on display at the Saatchi Gallery, presented by the Vigo Gallery.

Drawing provides the 88 year old artist with a temporary respite from his chronic back problems. The last two years, confined to an armchair, has he created an incredible body of work; around 180 miniature drawings in pen and ink on the back of medicine packets and envelopes.

Brilliant drawings in their own right, they are also used cumulatively to create a large scale piece; large unique mono-print paintings transferred by screen. The image is impressed onto strong woven linen canvas many times over until a thick inky texture is achieved, amplifying the character of the marks. This method allows him to defy his physical constraints.

This brilliant exhibition opens up the artists mind and provides an insight into his memories from his long and fruitful life. A must see.




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