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A magnificent herd of 50 handcrafted life-size elephants will be roaming Chelsea from 17 May to 9 June.

Raising awareness for ‘CoExistence’, the new environmental art campaign from wildlife conservation charity Elephant Family, this extraordinary display of one of the world’s most precious mammals aims to raise funds for conservation projects that enable people and wildlife to live peacefully alongside each other.

From babies and adolescents all the way through to full-grown male Tuskers, there is a beautiful story behind these intricate sculptures, made using Lantana camara, a natural plant material that was introduced to Asia where it became a notorious weed; toxic to grazing animals and outcompeting native species leading to a reduction in biodiversity. Over five years, a great amount of skill has gone into their creation, each sculpture inspired by a real, wild elephant that lives alongside their creators.

These masters of their craft are from indigenous communities in India who coexist with these elephants. With great understanding of the forest they share, they show these animals respect and know what to plant, where to walk and how to live within natures laws and rhythms. To find out more about the makers, visit their website here.

Follow the trail (map below) across the neighbourhood and spot members of the herd at the following destinations:

  • Duke of York Square – a few individuals may have broken away from the main grazing group to explore the Square – can you find all 28?
  • King’s Road – the great majesty of elephants are a fitting embellishment to Royal Avenue
  • Pavilion Road – a couple of eles off to forage for some artisan delicacy
  • Sloane Street – catch a glimpse of the majestic creatures against the beautiful backdrop of Cadogan Place Gardens
Follow the trail to discover the herd of elephants as they migrate across the neighbourhood #HerdTheNews

Don’t forget to share your photos with us – tag us on Instagram so we can re-share your sightings! #HerdTheNews #CoExistence

Interested in buying your own sculpture? Find out more here.


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