Nature's Architects


Nature's Architects

Look high and look low this summer to discover the family-friendly trail, Nature’s Architects. Twenty micro homes, created by leading architects and curated by the Museum of Architecture, will be hidden across the neighbourhood to celebrate nature.

The free trail of 20 doll-sized microhomes have been created and installed around Pavilion Road and Duke of York Square by five upcoming architecture practices: Gruff Architects, NOOMA Studio, AKI, Built.Works and Madeleine Kessler Architecture – each inspired by the natural world. Looking at spiders that create intricate tensile structures, to birds that weave, stack and layer materials to build their nests, to mushrooms that use cantilevers to suspend themselves off vertical plains, Nature’s Architects shows all the fascinating ways that creatures and plans build and construct their habitats to demonstrate the way nature can be truly inspirational to designers and architects.

On doorsteps, tree forks, railings and even up high above doorways, follow the trail around Duke of York Square and along Pavilion Road to find the homes of coral and kingfishers, bats and even hedgehogs this summer.

The trail runs until 25 September and is free to visit. Download the map here.


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