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Welcome to The Tasty Games!

We are running The Tasty Games on Sunday 14 August in two sessions, from 1pm to 3.15pm and from 4pm to 6.15pm (with registration 30 minutes prior to start time).

Each session consists of:


Tasty Game 1: Transforming exercise to games the acclaimed Rabble will bring you ‘The President’ – dipping, dodging and sliding you’ll have to guard him with your life! Take yourself back to the playground and get competitive in this all-for-one adrenaline blockbuster.

Tasty Game 2: You’ve got the hips, they’ve got the hoops, so bring your core to the floor and get a seriously fun workout with HulaFit! Never managed to spin a hoop before? No worries, we’ll have you squatting, jumping, bouncing and balancing in no time.

Tasty Game 3: barrecore is intelligent exercise, integrating the fat-burning format of interval training with static stretches after each major muscle is worked. In this barrecoreMIXED taster session, they’ll give you a low-impact, high-intensity, full body workout, so you feel the famous #barrecoreburn, whatever your fitness level!

Tasty Game 4:  Introducing the ‘TwentyTwo Training Mini Band Series’.  Learn how to improve your posture, burn fat and tone the body in 15 minutes. The mini band is the ultimate fitness tool for strength training on the go; they can be used anywhere, anytime!

Want to take part? Places are limited, so book now using our booking system below.

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Useful Q&A

Is there anything I need to do before the event?

Please read through our Terms & Conditions before booking.

How old do I need to be to take part in The Tasty Games?

All participants must be aged 18 and over.

How do I get to Duke of York Square?

Please refer to our Visit page here.

What to wear:

We recommend comfortable clothes suitable for exercise, trainers and a hat to protect your head from the sun.

Will there be any shade?

The event is taking place around an open air running track that has no shelter from the sun. We recommend you use sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15.

What to bring:

Everyone will receive a bottle of water on arrival but please bring more if you think you will need it, particularly in the event of hot weather.

Where can I store my belongings?

There will not be any lockers onsite and your belongings will be your own responsibility to look after.

What if I can’t make it at the last minute?

So that your space can be reallocated, we would appreciate you cancelling your booking. Alternatively you can email us at contact@dukeofyorksquare.com

How fit do I need to be?

We welcome all levels of fitness to the Tasty Games.

Are there any toilets?

There will not be any allocated toilet facilities on site for this event.

Can I bring a friend?

Your friend will need to sign up for the Tasty Games via our website booking system to be allocated a space.

The Tasty Games is brought to you by YoYuu Projects and hosted by Duke of York Square.


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Welcome to Duke of York Square

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