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Nancy Cadogan: Mind Zero

From 1-22 September and 2-6 October, Mind Zero will present British artist Nancy Cadogan’s first solo exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery.

Look deeply with care at her beautiful paintings and you will not be disappointed; they capture the joy of thoughtful observation and the sheer delight in the everyday.

Some works touch on the theme of Japonaiserie (a term coined by Vincent Van Gogh to express Japanese art influence in his work); smooth surfaces and through the arrangement of forms, dreamlike but not surreal echoing the way in which our surroundings become unfocused when deep in thought.

Bold colours – cerulean and blue, magenta and emerald green – suggest the immediacy in her joy of painting as well as the environment.

Nancy Cadogan brilliantly captures the joy of being lost in your own thoughts. Don’t miss out on this colourful and thought-provoking exhibition – find out more here.



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News & Events

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